Portraiture available at your own home or any local venue or location of your choice. (anywhere in the world if you're prepared to pay the travelling costs!)

Babies - little ones are always happiest at home so we'll come to you to capture that smiling face.

Pets - animals are always more relaxed on their own patch so we'll come to your home to get a nice portrait of your pooch, cat or other pet.

Flowers/gardens - If you have a favourite flower that you love to see in the summer why not have a nice print to keep you smiling through the colder months. Call us in plenty of time so we can catch it at its best.

Favourite views - is there a place or a view that you always stop to admire? We may already have it in stock but if not, as long as it's reasonably local, we'll be happy to help.

All pictures can be supplied electronically for your digital photoframe

or as colour or black and white prints up to A3 size. (larger sizes can be arranged).

Whatever you want a photo of we can probably help so contact us via the contact page or e-mail photos@pickledegg.org.uk